Pengo Introduces TruLink

Pengo is excited to introduce the all new TruLink™ torque monitoring system.  TruLink™ allows operators installing helical piers to monitor and record all installation data.  TruLink™ is a true torque system that delivers a high degree of accuracy (+/- 2%) while providing the operator with real time data.  TruLink™ records actual torque being applied to the helical pile, the installation angle and the depth.

Toque is measured at two points within the connection pin located between the anchor drive attachment and the prime mover.  The TruLink™ pin simply replaces the OEM pin ensuring that no additional height is added to the installation equipment.  This feature is important in low clearance applications.

The systems patent pending technology contained within the pin omits downward (perpendicular) force.  Isolating only the necessary torque values improves accuracy and durability.  All gauges and electronics are completely sealed for use in all installation environments.

The TruLink™ user interface is an 8” touch screen display that can be easily mounted within the operating cab of most prime movers.  The rugged display is housed in an IP67 rated weather and shock proof casing.  The high visibility touch screen allows the operator to easily interface with the system during installation.  The intuitive layout of the display indicates all data in real time.

All installation data is recorded independently for each pier and collectively for all helical piers on a given project.  All data is stored within the display and is easily exported to a flash drive.  The data is saved in an industry standard file format that can be exported into Microsoft Excel.  All data is easy to read and is ready for immediate job submittal without additional formatting.

For more information or to pre-order your TruLink™ Torque Monitor System visit booth C4529 at the World of Concrete Show or contact Pengo sales at 800.599.0211 or email us at pengosales*AT*